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2.2 Installation and Removal on OSX

2.2.1 Installation

  1. Download and Launch the Across Installer: Launch the Across Installer by double-clicking the downloaded installer file.

  2. Agree and Confirm: Read carefully the Across EULA (End User License Agreement) on the installer’s License Agreement phase and if you agree to all of its terms, click ‘Agree’. When the installer requests your password, enter your password.

  3. Get Started: Upon completion, you can see that Across is running in the Dock. The Across Client mode is the initial operation mode. You can find how to switch the operation mode of Across in the next chapter.

  4. Autostart Control: Once Across starts to run, Across will keep autostarting whenever computer starts. However, when you exit ‘Across Center’, you will get a confirmation message box asking you whether you want to keep autostart of Across enabled.

    When you want to run Across, open ‘Across Center’ located in /Applications/Across/ and when ‘Across Center’ requests your confirmation, enter your username and password.

2.2.2 Removal

  1. Using Finder, go to /Applications/Across/ and launch ‘Across Uninstaller’.
  2. You can cleanly remove Across with all its settings by checking the ‘Remove all settings completely’ in the uninstaller. When the uninstaller requests your password, enter your password.